Industrial Laundry Equipment Repair

Industrial Washer Extractors Repair (High & Medium Spin)

Industrial Barrier Washer Extractors Repair

Industrial Washing Machine Repair (Front & Side Loading)

Industrial Direct Drive Hydro Extractors Repair

Industrial Drying Tumblers Repair

Industrial Flatwork Drying Ironers Repair

Industrial Dry Cleaning Machines Repair

Industrial Electric Steam Generator Repair

Industrial Electric Steam Ironing Table Repair

WCS offers complete, on-premise laundry Maintenance services which can be budget friendly for large or exclusive industrial laundry operations. With largest domestic and commercial laundry service department along with dedicated and certified technicians, WCS offers laundry maintenance service as per your need. We have factory certified technicians, who are eligible to repair any kind of industrial Laundry equipments. WCS has been providing commercial laundry solutions for over 10 years. That means there are few challenges our laundry experts can't meet. We understand you can't afford equipment downtime. Our service technicians will get your equipment back up and running as soon as possible.

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